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 shade ninja oneshots

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PostSubject: shade ninja oneshots   Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:03 pm

their oneshots of mmy fallout 3 charecters

one shot 1 part one
faction:The enclave

god bless the enclave god bless america.

"another bottle" muttered in a grity what few would believe was once a major in the enclave his once

pristine uniform covered in dirt grime and beer stains while dark circles hung below his eyes.

(you get it he's in a misrable state so il just get back to the story) the bartender a ghoul who in days

past wouldnt be breathing as he would be a headless rotting corpse sighed and stared at the bottles that

surrounded the previously feared major "i think you'v had enough" the ghoul in a surprisingly unafraid

voice considering who he was talking to upon hearing this the person started unsteadily pushing himself

up upon standing though swaying heavily while doing so reached down to his side to draw what used to

be a katana there upon not finding his prized weapon the man remembered how when he was running

short of caps he sold it to moria for a mere pentiance of what he thought it should be worth after which

he emmited what could only be described as a muffled sob as he let himself fall back into his seat.

tramsision ended
will be finished when i feel like it
and yes i know i left it off in a bad place i just couldnt think of somthing else to include

*i dont remeber his age

god bless the enclave god bless america.
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PostSubject: Re: shade ninja oneshots   Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:23 am

Honestly that is the second worse story i have ever seen besides what if?

God Bless the Enclave
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shade ninja oneshots
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